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Welcome to Bekkerman Law Offices, LLC, a full service boutique law firm focusing exclusively on the representation of those injured due to the negligence of others. Since our opening, Bekkerman Law Offices has achieved extra-ordinary results both inside and outside the courtroom earning the respect of judges, attorneys and the very insurance companies we fight against along the way. Our significant trial victories and noteworthy settlements in various high profile personal injury cases have garnered us accolades nationally, but more importantly, have earned us a reputation among our past and current clients as fighters and advocates for the injured who will stop at nothing to achieve justice.

Our firm is unique in that the attorneys handle all aspects of the client's experience. Our attorneys assisted by our excellent staff are proud to represent clients in all phases of civil litigation. From the first meeting at our office or in your living room, to courtroom throughout Illinois and Wisconsin, Bekkerman Law Offices, LLC fights passionately for our clients against insurance companies and corporations. Our clients and their needs come first. Aggressive representation combined with compassionate advice and personal service is the hallmark of Bekkerman Law Offices, LLC.

At Bekkerman Law Offices, LLC, we know that success in your case takes our dedication and commitment. Our clients need more than just a lawyer. Our clients have been wronged, and their lives have been affected. Injured victims need lawyers who are always available to answer questions and understand that being injured in an accident can be a life altering event. Injured victims need lawyers who are not afraid to go to Court to argue on their behalf even against overwhelming odds. Injured victims need lawyers who will not accept a settlement unless maximum compensation is offered. Injured victims demand justice and commitment during what is likely the most difficult time in their lives. At Bekkerman Law Offices, LLC, these needs are met and exceeded, resulting in extraordinary results.

Our office consistently exceeds client expectations. Read our client testimonials and success stories to see for yourself. In fact, it is no coincidence that the majority of our clients are referred to us by current and former clients and other attorneys. Personal attention, creative thinking, and the ability to listen and understand client needs separates our firm from the others.

Our Mission Is Simple

  • To explain your rights, to make sure you understand your rights, and to fight to make sure your rights are protected.
  • To make sure the severity of your injuries and the impact these injuries have on your life are acknowledged, and that those who caused you harm and those who insure them are held accountable.
  • To obtain maximum compensation for your injuries, both past, present, and future, in a timely and professional manner.

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If injured in an accident, contact the personal injury attorneys at Bekkerman Law Offices, LLC today to discuss your potential case for free. You will not be charged a fee unless we take your case and obtain compensation for you!

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Verdicts & Settlements

$4.5 million for two women who were seriously injured in rural Ohio by a driver driving a semi-truck for a national trucking company.The driver of the truck had a history of safety violations including DUI, failed drug test, and multiple speeding tickets and radar use violations, all while working for the carrier. Both women required prolonged hospitalization and surgeries to recover from their injuries and may require further medical treatment in the future. For more information click here.

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Firm News

December 2014
Bekkerman Law Offices, LLC is proud to announce a $4.5 million dollar settlement on behalf of two women seriously injured as a result of being struck by a driver operating a semi-truck in rural Ohio on behalf of a national trucking company. The crash occurred overnight while the women were on their way back to Chicago from a road trip. The defendant truck driver denied ever seeing victims' car before impact. Both women, an aunt and her niece, sustained significant injuries. The aunt, 70 years old, sustained multiple fractures of her jaw, mouth and hip, requiring oral surgery, extensive dental work and jaw therapy, and prolonged hospitalization. She may require a future hip surgery in the future. The niece, a 37 year old, was previously on disability due to an underlying pre-existing neurological condition that required a ventricular shunt to be placed into her spine and brain. The shunt fractured in this crash, requiring 4 revision surgeries. Her neurosurgeons testified that while the shunt was properly repaired, the woman would have prolonged permanent consequences from the crash, including the need for possible future spine surgery. Bekkerman Law Offices was able to file and keep the case in the Northern District of Illinois Federal Court under diversity jurisdiction. Through retained experts, including an accident reconstructionist, Plaintiffs were able to confirm the fault of the truck driver, and rule out any comparative fault on the driver (niece). A thorough investigation by Bekkerman Law Offices into the driver revealed a history of speeding tickets, reckless conduct, and a DUI and failed drug test, all while working for the national carrier. Through a retained safety expert, Bekkerman Law Offices was able to plead willful and wanton entrustment to set up an award of potential punitive damages at trial.

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The service at Bekkerman Law Offices is phenomenal...Gerald never stopped fighting the two and a half years he worked on my case. He made sure I got treatment so I could get healthy and relieve the pain and financial burden that comes when you are injured. Gerald is caring, dedicated, compassionate, hardworking, and he never gives up...Gerald fought hard and won my case and now I get to be another one of his highly satisfied clients.

Corthenia D., former client

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